Back to School Season Is Time to Change the Game and Volunteer to Help Students – Living The ‘GOoD’ Life!

Posted on September 3, 2011


Back to School Season Is Time to Change the Game and Volunteer to Help Students – Living The ‘GOoD’ Life!.

As we all know, it’s back to school season for most youth. And considering I’ve worked for and with youngsters at schools, recreation centers, parks and group and foster homes over the years – I’d be negligent if I didn’t voice an opinion, based on experience, to remind [us] adults (parents, guardians, caretakers and community members) regarding the ways and importance of supporting students. Plus, a few of them have asked when I was going to give a few thoughts to the adult community on their behalf.

So this one’s for our future!

It’s no news flash that schools, specifically, and educational funding, in general, has and continues to absorb massive budget cuts; negatively impacting student education and programs. It’s beyond me, as former senior assistant to the budget director, deputy chief and chief financial officer(s) of the second largest school district in the United States, how our words in support of education are not reflected in action(s). To put it bluntly, we don’t put our “money where our mouth is”.

We claim education is a “top priority”, but in the views and words of the very aware students that keep me grounded, “They don’t care about education, why should we?” When I attempt to explain, not that I agree, why fiscal sacrifices to education are implemented; I get that “Yeah, whatever Coach” look. These students, of all hues, shapes and sizes, readily recognize the huge disparity between corporate welfare, for example, and educational funding priorities. “We understand the “priority””, they often sarcastically quip.

But rather than just complain about the issue, I often remind them, that sometimes adults need…click here to continue reading.