The Problems Of Man Are Opportunities For Positive Shifts In Consciousness

Posted on March 1, 2011


On a grand scale, crisis such as the economic depression of 1920, presented opportunities for resetting the stage of creative imagination, and new sophisticated ways of applying the law of economics, for example.

“Factors identified as potentially contributing to the downturn include: returning troops which created a surge in the civilian labor force, a decline in labor union strife, changes in fiscal and monetary policy, and changes in priceexpectations.”

Far too often we tend to find and create excuses for human error. This is what ego and pride (the false self) produces. But by honestly accepting responsibility for faults of judgment, we in fact open doors for positive self growth.

While we often, justifiably, accuse politicians and institutions for wrong doing(s), we neglect to look in the mirror to face our own [personal] misconduct.

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T.F. Hodge, author of From Within I Rise

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